Pre-Construction Meetings

Pre-Con MtgAll recipients of approved engineered erosion and sediment control plans are required to schedule and hold a pre-construction meeting with St. Mary’s SCD prior to any land clearing or grading activities.

The appropriate project representative must contact the District at least five day prior to when they wish to hold the pre-construction meeting, and pay the required fees before the scheduled meeting.

On August 3, 2006 the District unanimously approved signing the Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of the Environment (MDE) to function as a contractor for MDE to perform this activity.  Effective October 1, 2006, the District started scheduling pre-construction meetings as MDE’s representative.

Pre-Con Meeting Fees
5,000 square feet to 1.00 acre of disturbance – $250.00
For each additional acre over 1.00 ac, add $100.00 per acre (rounded to the tenth acre)
Ex: 3.42 ac = 3.4 ac (first acre $250 = ($100.00×2.4)) = $490.00
Ex: 7.65 ac = 7.7 ac (first acre $250 = ($100.00×6.7)) = $920.00

Fees can be paid with:
check (made out to St. Mary’s SCD)
credit card (M/C or Visa only)*
*As of 8/1/2020 a 3% processing will be fee applied

Check Return Policy
Checks returned to the St. Mary’s Soil Conservation District by lending institutions are subject to a $35.00 service charge.  If the check was for Erosion & Sediment Control Review or a Pre-Construction Meeting, all reviews and/or meetings will cease or be postponed until such fees and service charges are paid in full.