Review Fee Schedules

Urban 5

Forest Harvest Plans – $150.00/plan

Exemptions  – $75.00/plan

Standard Plan for lots in subdivision covered by overall E&S plan – $75.00/plan

Standard Plan for disturbances less than 0.5 acre – $100.00/plan

Engineered Plans
Engineered Plans for Single Lot Development that disturb less than 1 ac
Review Fee = $500.00

Engineered Plans for Single Lot Development that disturb greater than 1 ac
See “Fee Schedule – Grandfathered Plans” below

Engineered Plans grandfathered/exempted from SWM Act of 2007
(grandfathering/exemption must be approved by Dept. of Public Works and Transportation)
Fee Schedule - Grandfathered Plans

Engineered Plans required to meet SWM Act of 2007 (3 Step process using ESD to MEP)
Fee Schedule - 3 Step

Fees can be paid with:
check (made out to St. Mary’s SCD)
credit card (M/C or Visa only)*
*As of 8/1/2020 a 3% processing will be fee applied

Check Return Policy
Checks returned to the St. Mary’s Soil Conservation District by lending institutions are subject to a $35.00 service charge.  If the check was for Erosion & Sediment Control Review or a Pre-Construction Meeting, all reviews and/or meetings will cease or be postponed until such fees and service charges are paid in full.