St. Mary’s SCD’s Poultry Litter Manure Spreader is available for rent.

In the spring of 2021, St. Mary’s SCD added a new piece of rental equipment to our inventory.  The new equipment is a 16′ Endurance pull type poultry litter spreader.  Funding to purchase this new spreader came from a grant provided by the Southern Maryland Agriculture Development Commission (SMADC).  This is a 10 ton hydraulic spreader designed for poultry litter, compost, and lime.

This is a tandem axle spreader that should be pulled using a minimum 70 horse power tractor.  The spreader is hydraulically driven by pump off of the tractor 540 RPM or 1000 RPM PTO.

To rent the manure spreader or any of the District equipment, please visit the Equipment Rental Program tab at the top of this page.