Soil Survey

The printed soil survey (no longer the official recognized copy) for St. Mary’s County was issued March of 1978.  Major fieldwork for this survey was completed during the period 1941 to 1974.  Soil names and descriptions were approved in 1975.  Unless otherwise indicated, statements in this publication refer to the conditions in 1975.  This soil survey was made cooperatively by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (formerly known as the Soil Conservation Service) and the Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station.

The soil survey contains information useful to farmers, foresters, land planners, local government, engineers, scientists, and any resident of St. Mary’s County.  The “Guide to Mapping Units” section can be used to find information.  It lists all of the soils in St. Mary’s County in alphabetical order by map symbol.  Specific uses and limitations of soils for various activities can be found in tables 3 through 11.

The current soil survey for St. Mary’s County is located on the USDA website and is called the Web Soil Survey.
Web Soil Survey
How to Use Web Soil Survey
Sassafras - Maryland's State Soil
Hydric Soils in St. Mary's County
Prime Farmland Soils in St. Mary's County
Hydrologic Groups for St. Mary's County Soils